Producer Survey

Utah Farm to Fork wants to make it easy to sell food to Utah's Child Nutrition Programs. We've compiled a database of farmers who are interested in selling their products to schools, child care centers, and summer food programs. If you are interested in selling your products to schools, child care centers, or summer food programs, fill out this short survey so that buyers can connect with you:

Connect with Interested Buyers

Find Utah institutions that have specifically expressed interest in buying products directly from local producers. Learn about what types of products buyers are looking to purchase, the type of institution, contact information, food safety requirements, and more. 


Guides for Farmers

IL Farm to School Producer Toolkit: IFSN Producer Guide

WI Farm to School Producers Tool Kit:

Food Hub tools for producers: National Sustainable Ag Producer Guide to Food Hubs

USDA Farm to School Fact Sheets for Producers:

Online Learning

This 30-minute online course explains why you should be involved in the farm to fork movement- and how you can participate. We cover the basics of selling to schools, hosting field trips, and visiting classrooms.


Become a Featured Farmer

Let us help you share your story by becoming a "Featured Farmer" on our social media. Tell us a bit about your farm, why you work in agriculture, and what you are interested in supplying to schools. We will then set up a time to connect and learn more, take some pictures, compile your shared information into a mini bio, and highlight your farm on our Instagram and Facebook pages and in our monthly newsletter. 


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