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Join the Farm to Fork Task Force

People often want to know how they can join the Task Force (we hope you're one of them!).

While the Task Force is led by staff from Utah State Board of Education and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, we use a non-hierarchical network-based approach to accomplish our goals. This means that we don't have official titles within the group, and we don't have regularly scheduled meetings for the whole task force (although groups of people will meet frequently to collaborate on projects). 

So how do you become part of the Task Force? 

1. Do farm to fork work in your community! This could be supporting a school or community garden, including agriculture in your classroom lesson plans, providing hands-on experiences for kids on a farm, buying and serving local food, teaching cooking classes, and much more. Not sure where to get started? Check out our Special Promotions page. These events are specifically designed to provide easy entry points to farm to fork, and come with lots of guides and resources.

2. Connect with others to share what you are doing so that you can learn from and support each other. The network map below shows who we are and how we are all connected. Each dot represents a person; you can click and zoom to see more details.

See someone you already know? Reach out to them to find out what they are working on. See someone you want to know or someone who is working on something you'd like to know more about? Look to see if you know any of their connections. Want to be added to the map so that others can connect with you? Fill out this short survey and we'll get you added! 

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