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Cafeteria Signs

Print and showcase these signs throughout your cafeteria to showcase your locally sourced menu items!


Many of these signs are designed to be laminated so that you can customize them with a dry erase marker. Click on a resource to view, download and print.

Healthy Sandwich
Custom Cafeteria Posters

Let your school and visitors know that which local producers you are serving each day!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Cattle Farm
Beef and Bison Posters

Let your school and visitors know that you are participating in the Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement!

Not sure which poster to download?

Search for your school on this spreadsheet and download the poster for the producers supplying to your school.

Snowden Meats.png

Snowden Meats

K&S Blackner.png

K&S Blackner

Headwaters Cattle (1).png

Headwaters Cattle

Bell-Mont Meats.png

Bell-Mont Meats

Blue Spoon Ranch.png

Blue Spoon Ranch

JnC FarmCo.png


Ute Tribal Enterprises.png

Ute Tribal Enterprises


Farm to School Posters

Showcase to your students where dairy, vegetables, protein, grains and fruit are produced in Utah.

Visit to download!

Posters are designed to print on 18x24" paper.

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