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Corn Husking to Connect Students with Local Farms and Meal Prep

Learn more about Box Elder School District's latest initiative to support local farmers and engage students in cafeteria meal prep.

Students at Lake View Elementary husk corn with their teachers and classmates.

Corn is more than just a favorite food during summer barbeques; it's a crop that holds a deep-rooted connection to our agricultural history. In an effort to celebrate this ancient crop and provide students with a hands-on learning experience, Box Elder School District partnered with a local farmer from the Garland area, Shaffer Farms, to purchase local corn for eight schools in their district, including Golden Spike Elementary, Three Mile Creek Elementary, Willard Elementary, Fielding Elementary, Garland Elementary, Lake View Elementary, North Park Elementary, and Bear River Middle School.

Shaffer Farms delivered the corn to the district's central warehouse, where it was then delivered to each school. Students were given the responsibility of husking the corn before it was then taken to their school kitchens to be cooked and served to enjoy!

The result? Students experienced the benefits of biting into local and the transformation of an ear of corn into a delicious, edible treat.

Thank you Valeree Durbin, Child Nutrition Personnel Coordinator at Box Elder School District, for providing the experience and photos!


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