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Spring Conference Recap

Hello Farm to Fork friends,

Thank you for attending our Spring Conference down at Utah Valley Convention Center on Wednesday, March 30th. We were so glad to see you there and hope you had a great time learning and networking among peers. We loved seeing the diversity of charters, child care centers, districts and large charters. What a great turnout!

If you weren’t able to attend, there were some great breakout sessions that included farm food safety, using Community Supported Agriculture in the CACFP, micropurchasing info, procurement info, Harvest of the Season, and networking Bingo! There was also a local food taste test where we offered local mixed greens, mushrooms, beef, cheese, rainbow carrots, and much more! What a fun and delicious way to learn about all the great food our great state of Utah has to offer! The day wrapped up with a FDP Inventory Policy and a very informative discussion with the Farm to Fork Task Force Strategic Planning Root Cause Analysis. Our friends from the USDA were even able to attend to help us facilitate a discussion to learn why Farm to Fork may not be working as well as it could be.

We can’t wait to start planning for the next Spring Conference! We hope to see you all again there next year. And if you could not make it this year, we hope you can make it next year!



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