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Thanking Our Farmers: Escalante Elementary Students Celebrate Harvest Gratitude Day

Just before Thanksgiving, more than 120 early elementary students learned about the importance of Utah agriculture during the Harvest Gratitude Day celebration at Escalante Elementary School in Salt Lake City.

Commissioner Craig Buttars, and Deputy Commissioner Kelly Pehrson were joined by Tom & Robin Wheatley of the Utah Meat Collective and chef/owner Max Nelson of Central 9th Market to speak briefly about Utah agriculture and how farmers help us every day with bountiful products. Following the discussion, students participated in activities including butter making, eating Utah apples from Pyne Farms and drinking Gossner Foods milk, and writing thank you letters to a farmer.

It was the first ever assembly for these young students, and they did great! Many thanks to Utah Department of Agriculture and Food for organizing the event, and for teacher Tillie Uribe and Principal Liava'a for hosting. Every time a student learns more about how food is produced, it brings us closer to our vision of healthy children and adults, interconnected communities, and prosperous farms.



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