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Local Beef Feature: Blue Spoon Ranch

Follow along as Farm to Fork features local producers supplying meat for the Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement in Utah.


Meet Lissa Pabst, owner of Blue Spoon Ranch!

The best meat you will taste on both sides of the mountains!

Provide a brief history of your farm or ranch.

Blue Spoon Ranch is located in Western Colorado, just outside the

small town of Hotchkiss. The ranch is run by a mother-daughter team

and supported by 3 wonderful kiddos. Blue Spoon Ranch is the

culmination of 5 generations of ranchers who ranched everywhere from

Wisconsin to Colorado.

Tell us about your farming practices.

Here at Blue Spoon Ranch we believe that everything deserves respect and love. Our animals are part of our family. Our cattle herd comes when we call them and most adore head scratches. The world has given us the amazing task of raising these animals and we try to do our best

to honor that task by caring not only for the animals but also for the land. Without healthy land, we lose everything, especially our sources of food.

What sets your beef or bison apart?

Our beef is grass fed and grass finished. We do not finish our cattle with corn or grain. We also don't vaccinate, use

medications/antibiotics/hormones. We cross angus and longhorn cattle

which produces a healthy and lean but super flavorful and tender beef.

Why do you love ranching?

I love ranching because it is in my blood! I'm very lucky in the fact

that I can draw on the ranching experiences of my mother, grandfather,

great grandfather, and great great grandfather. Ranching allows me to

be connected to nature and our Mother Earth.

Our animals bring me immense joy and have taught me so very many life lessons. I also am

able to raise my 3 children on our ranch which is an amazing way to grow up! My children are able to learn a work ethic, appreciate life from birth to death, work hard for what they want, and have amazing friendships with so many different animals.

Learn more!

Is your school participating in the LFS grant? Click here to download marketing materials to display in your cafeteria!

Click here to learn more about the Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement Program (LFS) from the USDA.

Click here to read the press release for the Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement Program (LFS) in Utah.


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