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Organic Farmers Market

Local Procurement

Sometimes actually buying local food can be the hardest part of farm to fork. Who do you contact? Where do you buy it from? What are the rules? We've got you covered! Check out our set of templates and guides to help you get started, regardless of what products you want to buy.


We also have several initiatives to support and enhance your local procurement efforts. Scroll down to learn more about them!

Local Procurement Initiatives

Templates and Guides

Templates and Guides

Enhanced Local Reimbursement Resources

Enhanced Reimbursement

Utah Beef & Bison Project

Utah State Board of Education is using funding from the Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreement Program to provide local beef and bison products to school meals programs. 

Computer Tutorials

Program Overview

You must accept your award in the Utah Grants System no later than December 31, 2023. Funds not accepted at that point will be reallocated to other SFAs.

The competitive grant for the Ute Tribal Bison is also due by December 31st.

View the slides from our August 22nd training webinar.

Cattle Farm

Assigned Vendors and Allotment Amounts

Lunch Time

Marketing Materials

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