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Pumpkins: Not Just for Halloween

Did you know that pumpkins come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors? That they have a variety of culinary and decorative uses? That it takes 120 days to grow a full pumpkin from seed? Thanks to our Harvest of the Season program, the 1st-3rd grade students at Walden School of Liberal Arts know all that and more.

Walden hosts "academies" on select Fridays throughout the school year, where community members are invited to teach students about their area of expertise. USBE Child Nutrition staff visited Walden last week to share a Harvest of the Season lesson on pumpkins and winter squash. Students got to see and handle different varieties of pumpkin that were grown at Cross E Ranch in Salt Lake, then they cut up the pumpkins and counted the seeds. They were surprised to learn that one pumpkin could grow hundreds of new pumpkin plants. They finished out the lesson by learning how pumpkins are processed for commercial use, and making pumpkin pie in a bag.

The students loved the activities! They shared that they learned a lot about pumpkins and how to use them. And as one student put it "I learned that this is my favorite academy ever!". Want to join the fun? You can access all the Utah Harvest of the Season recipes, lesson plans, and garden guides on our website. Be sure to register to receive a welcome kits with seasonal posters, stickers, and magnets.



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