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The (Tart) Cherry on Top

Did you know that Utah is our country's number two producer of tart cherries? (Michigan is in first place). And that mechanical pickers can harvest four to five trees per minute? Thanks to our Harvest of the Season program, the students at Walden School of Liberal Arts know all that and more.

Walden hosts "academies" on select Fridays throughout the school year, where community members are invited to teach students about their area of expertise. USBE Child Nutrition staff visited Walden last week to share a Harvest of the Season lesson tart cherry production in Utah. Students learned the steps that go into growing and processing tart cherries for home and commercial use, watched a video Q&A from some Utah cherry farmers, and sampled some delicious dried cherries grown by the Rowley family.

The students shared that they learned a lot about cherries and how they grow. And some of them even learned they like eating cherries more than they thought! (We love when that happens). Want to join the fun? You can access all the Utah Harvest of the Season recipes, lesson plans, and garden guides on our website. Be sure to register to receive a welcome kits with seasonal posters, stickers, and magnets.



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