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2022 Visions

Lots of people make vision boards in January to set the tone for a successful year where all their dreams come true. Here at the Farm to Fork Task Force, we took that one step further by holding a visioning session that will lay the ground work for our next five years of Utah Farm to Fork.


On January 12, many of our partners joined us for a two hour session where we dug into our respective visions for Utah Farm to Fork, and looked for areas of commonality.

We explored the importance of collaboration, why farm to fork is important to us, and our pie-in-the-sky ambitions. We also reacted to sample visions from other states and institutions, flagging the themes that spoke to us most strongly.

We also recorded the meeting for those that were unable to attend or would like to revisit sections of it. The breakout sessions were not recorded, so it is shorter than the actual meeting ("only" one hour).

What comes next?

We'll be using the information from this session to draft a vision that will guide the task force-- and then we'll ask for your feedback.

After that, we'll have a root cause analysis workshop to identify the factors that currently prevent us from achieving that vision.

The vision and root cause analysis will form the backbone for the development of a five year strategic plan for the Task Force, with specific goals and responsibilities, helping us all be stronger together.

You are an essential part of this process!

Please share your thoughts. If you've thought of things since the visioning session, or if you weren't able to attend but have ideas you'd like to share, you can either comment on this blog post or email us: We can't wait to hear from you!


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