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Our Vision

Since January, The Utah Farm to Fork Task Force has been working to craft a vision that will guide our work over the next five to ten years. After two listening sessions and workshops, we've come up with the following draft:

The Utah Farm to Fork Task Force envisions a future where access to fresh, local food, school gardens, and agriculture education are part of our way of life. We collaborate to build a strong local food economy for all Utahns, resulting in healthy children, interconnected communities, and viable farms.

We want to hear your reactions!

  • What are your initial thoughts?

  • Is there anything that especially resonates with you?

  • Is there anything that is unclear or does NOT resonate?

  • Do you feel that the work you/your organization does is captured in this vision?

Comment below to start a conversation, or email us at Thanks for being a part of this collaborative process!


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