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Strategic Planning Updates

The development of our five-year strategic plan continues to progress! Thank you to everyone who attended the regional workshops this summer and provided feedback. You can read full reports of our progress thus far on the About Us page, but we'd like to provide a few key updates here as well.

The Vision

We made more changes to our vision based on feedback from all of you! Our current vision reads:

The Utah Farm to Fork Task Force collaborates to build a strong local food economy for all Utahns, resulting in healthy children and adults, interconnected communities, and prosperous farms. We envision a life where:

  • All people have access to nutritious local food;

  • School and community gardens provide space for growing food, educating people, and connecting communities; and

  • Teachers and caregivers are empowered to integrate food-based learning and agriculture education in all curriculum areas.

The Process

We're currently working with a fantastic consultant who is going to help us build an actionable plan that will help us achieve our vision, based on the barriers and priorities YOU identified. He's currently reaching out to individuals and small groups to gather feedback. And this spring, we'll have a pair of meetings (one in-person and one virtual) to gather feedback on the draft plan. Stay tuned for a meeting invite as soon as we finalize those dates!


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